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Spitfire Mk XIV #80 1949 Cleveland NAR
3rd Tinnerman Trophy
Race pilot: JHG MacArthur

Bob Eucker's "Spirit of Tick" #55 P-63
1948 Thompson racer

Cook Cleland's XF2G-1 #94 1949 Cleveland NAR 1st Thompson Trophy Race

2dw-cle-49-07-p51-a.JPG (62569 bytes)

Jackie Cochran's modified P-51C
"Beguine" #7 1949 Cleveland.
Note that pilot Bill Odoms has removed his shoes in order to not mar the finish.

2dw-cle-49-57-f2g-a.JPG (31624 bytes)

Cook Cleland's F2G #57
piloted by Dick Becker 1949 Cleveland

P-63 #87 "Kismet" 1949 Thompson;
Alfred Whiteside

2Batty Betty-48.JPG (75679 bytes)

Batty Betty II #34 P-38/F-5 1948
Cleveland NAR 6th Sohio Race
pilot: Jack Hardwick

2Batty Betty-49.JPG (17150 bytes)

Batty Betty II #34 P-38/F-5 1949
Cleveland NAR 4th Tinnerman Race
pilot: Jack Hardwick

"Beguine" #7 P-51C 1949
Cleveland NAR

Cosmic Wind #49 "Little Toni"
1949 Goodyear Race
Pilot Billie Robinson
Note "Buster" in background

Laird-Turner Racer "Pesco Special"
#29 Pilot Roscoe Turner Winner of 1938 & 39 Thompson Trophy Race

2MarcBrom R-3.JPG (32488 bytes)

MarcBromR-3; Marcoux-Bromberg
Rider R-3 #3 Pilot Earl Ortman
1938-39 Thompson Trophy racer

2OdomsBonanza-49a.JPG (33048 bytes)

Bill Odoms' Beech Bonanza in Cleveland after setting a record flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Teterboro, New Jersey

2Pitts21-RS.JPG (28186 bytes)

Pitts "Pellet" #21 1948 Goodyear Race 7th
Pilot R.B. Downey. Monocope, Mooney?, & Beech Bonanza in background

2sv-4.jpg (35002 bytes)

SV-4 parked in front of Sky Tech Inc. hanger 1949. In the background is a Goodyear racer #96 "Cee-Jay"

2LIT29_49.jpg (43995 bytes)

Lawrence Institute of Technology "Chappy" Pilot Carlton Ambler 1949 Goodyear Race did not start

P-63 #30 1949 5th Thompson Trophy race. Pilot Chuck Tucker. Color was a vivid purple

2WWms25.jpg (47742 bytes)

Wedell Willams racer #25
in storage 1946

Cosmic Wind "Ballerina" #5 1948 7th Goodyear Race piloted by R.B. Downey. Note the Aeronica stored on its nose in the background

2F2G94-49b.jpg (28254 bytes)

Cook Cleland's XF2G-1 #94 taxis into the winners circle
1949 Cleveland NAR

2Hanger25_29.jpg (40737 bytes)

#29 Laird-Turner Racer &
#25 Wedell Willams racer
circa late 30's

2HawksHM1.jpg (41738 bytes)

Hawks HM-1 #41 1938 4th Thompson Trophy Race pilot Leigh Wade. Later rebuilt and tested for military use.

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