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Due to recurring family medical issues, my response times will be slow.  I am still answering emails and accepting new orders but please don't expect an immediate answer or "Next Day Delivery".  
I will be on this delayed status until further notice.  Thanks, Keith

Select title to view information page. Items with a yellow background are coming soon. Special Note: I carry a limited amount of 1/72 & 1/48 High Planes Racers. Email for details.

Sharp/Rutan Pond Racer kit Formula 1991-93
Beechcraft Staggerwing factory graphics D-17 1930's
Louise Thaden #62 Staggerwing D-17 1930's
Ross Hadley D-17 1939
Canadian float plane D-17 1950's
Talkeetna Air DHC-2 Beaver current
K2 Aviation (wheel/skis) DHC-2 Beaver current
Alaska CAP (float or wheeled) DHC-2 Beaver current
Talkeetna Air (turbo) DHC-3 Otter current
K2 Aviation (turbo)   DHC-3 Otter current
Vazar Turbo conversions
Now Available!
DHC-3 Otter current
Ward Air 
DHC-3 Otter current
Asahi Shimbun Beechcraft Bonanza

V-35 1950's
Grizmek Serengeti "Zebra"
Do-27 1957
All Coast Super Corsair F2G 2003
Cook Cleland Race #57 F2G 1949
Cook Cleland #74 F2G 1947-49
Cook Cleland's #84 F2G 1947
Cook Cleland's #94 F2G 1947
Cook Cleland's #94 decals and conversion kit F2G 1948-49
Ron Puckett's #18 F2G 1948
Ron Puckett's #18 F2G 1949
F2G conversion, generic * F2G  
Bud Lite Super Corsair #1 F2G/F4U 1982


Joe #90 FG-1D 1946
Lucky Gallon FG1-D 1946
Corporate Corsair FG1-D 1950


Gulfhawk 4 F8F-1 1949
Blue Angels' Beetle Bomb F8F-1 1950
Howard Pardue Bearcat F8F-1  1990-2012  


Able Cat #70 F8F-2 1968
Tom's Cat #10 F8F-2 1964-68
Smirnoff #80 F8F-2 1964 Reno
John Church's Grumman Cat F8F-2 1967 Reno
Bill Fornoff's Bearcat F8F-2 1964-69
Miss Priss #10 F8F-2 1969


Howard Hughes H-1 and H-1B kits H-1 / H-1B 1935
Jimmy Buffett's Hemisphere Dancer HU-16C Albatross
Alaskan  N13122 (McKinnon Widgeon) J-33 Widgeon 2009
Kodiak Airways
J-33 Widgeon 1960's
McKinnon Engine Conversion
Now Available!
J-33 Widgeon  
#2 Pipsqueak Now Available! L-39 2006-2012
#5 Am. Spirit Now Available! L-39 2006-2012
Space X Now Available!
L-39 current
Ernst Udet's #6 Me-109 V-14 1937
Irmagard captured Me-109G 1945
Zurich racer  #1 Me-109 V-13 1937
YIPPEE P-38J 1944


Tony LeVier's Lightning #3 P-38L 1946-47
Green Hornet P-38L 1947


Cobra 1 Red #75 decals and conversion kit P-39  
Cobra 2 Yellow 84 decals and conversion kit P-39  


Mr Mennen decals and conversion kit now available P-39Q 1972


Gerry Beck's Precious Metal
P-51A 2009


CBS Coronation Mustang P-51B 1953
Jackie Cochran's Green Machine P-51B 1946-48


Paul Mantz series
P-51C 1946-50
Beguine #7 & Pods P-51C 1949


P-51C 1949


Racing Mustang Conversion Sets    
Anson Johnson's #45 P-51D 1948
Anson Johnson's #45 "Scoopless" Mustang P-51D 1949
Bob Hoover Evergreen decals and conversion kit P-51D 1970's
Bob Hoover Rockwell P-51D 1970s
Bob Abram's #21 P-51D 1965
Chuck Hall #5 P-51D 1966
Clay Lacy #64 P-51D 1969-71
Dago Red #4 P-51D 1984
Earl Ortman's #2 P-51D 1946

Galloping Ghost #77

P-51D 1946-49

Galloping Ghost #177

P-51D 2011 

Jeannie #69

P-51D 1979-82

Jelly Belly 

P-51D 2009

Lynchburg 3

P-51D  1949

Magic Town

P-51D 1948
Miss America
P-51D 2004

Miss Foxy Lady #34

P-51D 1974

Miss RJ

P-51D 1969-70

Mobil Mustang

P-51D  1964-68


P-51D 1965-69


P-51D 1966-70

Omni #64

P-51D 1968

Red Baron #5 Merlin Powered

P-51D 1974

Roto Finish #5

P-51D 1972
Seattle Miss

Stiletto #84

P-51D 1984-87

Strega #7

P-51D 1989

Sumthin' Else #6

P-51D 1981-82

Sumthin' Else #6 "Blue

P-51D 1988
Suzie Q P-51D 1974
Voodoo / conversion & decals
P-51D 2001-2006


Lacy Aviation PC-6C Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6C current

William Hogan

P-51H 1971
Miss Muffett NC53040
Now Available!
PT-17 Stearman Current
N65200 Now Available! PT-17 Stearman Current
N61445 Chino Air Museum display Now Available! PT-17 Stearman Current
N450TG Now Available! PT-17 Stearman  



Red Baron-Micheloeb Griffon engine Mustang  

RB-51  1979



* All P-63s are now available
in 1/32 scale


Flying Red Horse #28 Pylon Racer 

P-63C 1946  

Flying Red Horse #30 X-Country Racer

P-63C 1946

Tucker Special #28

P-63C 1948

#28 Tipsy Miss

P-63C 1974-75

Easter Egg

P-63A 1949



#55 Hosler

P-63  1948

Kingcobra/Crazy Horse #90 conversion kit

P-63 1970-71



NAR racer

R3C1 1925

Schneider Racer Conversion




Red Hunter G-HUNT

Hawker Hunter 1980's



Critical Mass #10

Sea Fury 2001

Riff Raff

Sea Fury 2003

Riff Raff

Sea Fury 2011


Sea Fury   1978-81

VH-BOU Green 

Sea Fury  1973


Sea Fury  1972

Sept Fury #232 

Sea Fury 2002-06

Signal SF #87

Sea Fury 1967-68

Spirit of Texas #105

Sea Fury 2002-06



City of Edmonton #80

Spitfire Mk14e 1949


Spitfire Mk14e 1980s

Blue Angels Yellow Peril
Now Available!

T-6/SNJ 1946

Warlock #75
1/32 Now Available!

T-6/SNJ 1992-2009

Big Red #5
1/32 Now Available!

T-6/SNJ 2004-10

Six Cat #6
1/32 Now Available!

T-6/SNJ 1969-2009

Mystical Power #21
1/32 Now Available!

T-6/SNJ 1990-2009



Black Knight G-OHB

T-33 1980's



Jimmy Mattern's "Century of Progress"

Vega 5 1933

Stanavo's corporate "Eagle" plane

Vega 5 1930's

Amelia Earhart

Vega 5B 1932

Winnie Mae

Vega 5C 1929-33



YAK-11 Manyiak #58 kit

YAK-11 1999



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U.S. S&H is $2.50 per order, up to 5 sets of decals. Email for cost for more than 5 sets, kits and conversions and international orders.

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* * Note on image quality: in order to preserve copyright of Red Pegasus Decals, the images you see may be slightly distorted. The actual product is of production quality.

Many of these are available as ALPS printed decals in 1/144 to 1/32. Prices range from $6 to $20 depending on scale and printed area. Several others not listed are available or are in progress.

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