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Custom decal work is available.  If you have subject matter you would like reproduced, I will consider reproduction after viewing your proposed images.

I have produced decals as small as 1/350 and as large as 1/1. 

Reproductions are not limited to aircraft.  I have created decals for large-scale R/C planes, railroad locomotives, drag racers, and figures.

Simple stripes, registration numbers, or lettering do not require much time. Unique script lettering, individual nose art, logos, etc., are often projects unto themselves and will be charged accordingly. Custom art usually requires redrawing the entire image. I do not do anything that is commonly available commercially, such as “stars & bars”, roundels, etc.  I will consider some unusual foreign air force markings in an unavailable scale.

The primary factor in your cost will be in the amount of computer time needed to prepare your image for printing. A 1/72 decal sheet still requires the same amount of time to reproduce in 1/32 scale.

I don’t want to do all the “homework.” The more information you supply me in terms of images, size, profile of subject, etc., the less your cost.  If I am required to do additional research for a better image of your subject, you will be charged for that research time. 


The minimum cost for custom decals is $15. This is for typical military lettering or civil registration numbers with common fonts or stripes, and this cost includes computer time and printing. You will typically receive extra decals, depending on scale and spares for troublesome markings.

Custom art that requires re-drawing the entire image, such as unique nose art, begins with a one time set up charge of $25. If a lot of extra work is required, you will be billed at additional $15/hour in addition to the initial set up charge.

Computer time and printing are two (2) separate costs. There is a separate charge for printing the decals. The final cost of printing the decals themselves varies with the area to be printed. The printing process will either be the ALPS system or Digital Silkscreen. You will receive a proof before final printing.


Set up fee
2 hours computer time at $15/hr
Cost of printing decals (this will vary)
Total :

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